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1. A Big Listening Project

1. A Big Listening Project

1. A Big Listening Project

1. A Big Listening Project

6. Native Historians Do Stand-Up

Episode Summary

In 1977, Charlie Hill became the first Native comedian to perform on a national TV broadcast – a groundbreaking performance in television and cultural history.  


“It was a huge moment,” said Seminole filmmaker Sterlin Harjo, “when Charlie Hill went on national television and simply spoke like a human being... He changed the public perception about what a Native person is.” 

Charlie Hill’s comedic approach to the Oneida story is part of a long lineage of storytellers and historians defying stereotypes that includes Oscar Archiquette, a young Oneida working construction when the Federal Writers’ Project came to Wisconsin in the 1935. Archiquette joined a local unit of the Writers’ Project that sought to preserve the Oneida language and histories by interviewing elders and transcribing their stories. That work – and its blend of activism, culture and disarming humor - inspired later Oneida historians such as Loretta Metoxen and Gordon McLester, and continues to inspire tribal historians today.  

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Michelle Danforth Anderson, Oneida documentarian

Gordon McLester, Oneida historian

Loretta Metoxen, Oneida historian

Betty McLester, Oneida elder

Gerald Hill, Oneida elder

Jennifer Webster, Council Member

Further Reading

We Had a Little Real Estate Problem by Kliph Nesteroff

Oneida Lives edited by Herbert Lewis

Soul of a People by David A. Taylor

"Indian Humor" chapter in Custer Died for Your Sins by Vine Deloria Jr.


Hosted by: Chris Haley

Directed by: Andrea Kalin

Producers: Andrea Kalin, David A. Taylor and James Mirabello

Writer: David A. Taylor

Editor: Ethan Oser

Story Editing: Michael May

Additional voices provided by:

Scott Nelson Elm, Gerald Hill, Ethan Oser, and Marjorie Stevens 

Special Thanks: Christopher Powless

Featuring music and archival material from:

Oneida Singers

Joseph Vitarelli

Bradford Ellis


Library of Congress

National Archives and Records Administration



Produced with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and Wisconsin Humanities

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